Melbourne-Manly rivalry; Rugby League’s modern day Fibros Vs Silvertails War #NRL #RugbyLeague #purplepride #goManly


An article I penned in the lead up to the one of the NRL’s most infamous feud’s – Melbourne Storm-Manly rivalry. Rugby League’s modern day “Fibros Vs. Silvertails” war #NRL #NRLMelMan #purplepride #goManly


663606-manly-sea-eagles-v-melbourne-storm(Photo source

In 1978, a feud was born that is now very much apart of Rugby League folklore and history. In the pre-season of 1978, there was an exhibition of football down in Melbourne, where all football codes were invited to be apart of. Two NSWRL (now known as the NRL) clubs who partook in the event were the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles and the Western Suburbs Magpies. Both clubs were from different spectrums, different landscapes in the Rugby League competition. The Sea Eagles from the Northern Pennisula of Sydney, whilst the Magpies were true to their name, based in Sydney’s West.

The legendary tale has it that Magpies Coach Roy Masters told his players that Manly did not want to fly on the same plane as the Western Suburbs players and refused to travel on the same bus. As to reasons why? Masters claimed that Manly administrators, officials and…

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